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Scatterbrained And The Perks Of Parenting

Parents hate repeating themselves. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I became one. Now I try everything in my power not to. Yet, there is one particular phrase I’m finding that I have to repeat every — single — day. “Clean up your room!” As some of you might know by now, I write a lot about my kids. […]

Surrendering To The Chaos

So I’ll start with the obvious. Life can be chaotic. No, not life as the source by which we live and breathe and love and mourn and offend and create. That universal force that man has so carelessly reduced to a four letter word called life (we’ll touch on this in future posts). I’m talking about […]

In Search Of Our “Thing”

The Desert Of “Thinglessness” Everybody has a “thing”. That defining reason why they’re here in the first place. I think only a minority of people have been able to pinpoint their “thing” and dominate it. This could be anything from commercial piloting to firefighting to mountaineering to copywriting to zookeeper to guru. It’s their “thing”. […]

Sharing The Not-So-Good Parts Of Your Story

I Have A Colleague Who Kicks Peoples Faces After Work. He’s been training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts for about 5 years now. Everybody in the building knows when he’s had a fight because he comes to work the following day with half-dollar sized contusions on the sides of his forehead. (Why he comes to […]

Finding The Sweet Spot – Decelerating Is Just As Productive As Doing The Work

Between my day job, my daily publication, and a few side projects, slowing down never feels like an option. Let me be clear though, I’m a fiend for busyness. It’s been my go-to validation drug for the better part of my adult life. Yes…I’m working on this. Case in point, yesterday, while wrapping up my […]

I’m So Much Cooler In My Imagination Than I Am In Real Life

The imagined me is much taller, about 6 inches taller to be exact. A little more muscular (okay a lot more muscular). He can write and ship a 1000 word article in an hour. He’s a New York Times best selling author. He runs the mile in under 6 minutes. He had 3 different streams of […]

I Went From Sporadic Writer To Founding Member Of Medium

Medium, you’ve created a monster! I’ve been an avid writer and reader of Medium for five and half months now. After putting it off for several months (yes I said months), I finally published my very first post in October of 2016. I didn’t expect much in the beginning, especially after seeing all of the talent […]

Some People Are Worth Changing For

My early 20’s were a blur. I still don’t know who I was back then (back then? Wow that sounds so fogeyish). I lived, as they say, for the moment. My days were spent thinking about where I could go that night. Who I could meet up with? What troubles I could get into? Which club […]

The Strange Dance Of Loss And Newness

How do we move on? How do we go on after everything we worked tirelessly to build crumbles before I eyes? Or after we find ourselves on the receiving end of a broken heart? Or after a dream turns out to be a nightmare? I suppose that’s the million dollar question for a lot of people […]

The Company You Keep Says A Lot About Who You’ll Become In The Future

My father used to tell me, “Show me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you the kind of person you’ll become.” The 13 year old me would cringe in hearing that I now agree with that statement. Both consciously and subconsciously we are drawn to people who, to a certain degree, mirror our values, […]