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Love Is Another Dimension

Adding dimensionality to everything we do.

I have twin nine year old daughters who are absolutely in love with me. I know this because they show it.

They show it whenever I get home from work by lavishing me with kisses galore and by giving me random bear hugs while lounging around the house and by drawing me as a stick figure superhero with special hearts and kiss shapes on my cape and by stopping me dead in my tracks during a game of kickball and telling me how much they love me.

There are a thousand different ways they’ve displayed their love for me and each one goes beyond the one-dimensional, often amorphous brand of love that has gained popularity throughout the internet and Hollywood.

(If you’re a parent, then I’m sure you know how your kid’s acts of love have a way of adding weight and definition to the most seemingly insignificant moments.)

Those who don’t grow out of this I don’t care who is watching, time and space traveling-type love have a leg-up on the rest. Their love, not just for other humans but for anything they decide to undertake, is a dimension in and of itself.

It has largeness. You could chart a flight and travel inside of it. Time loses its prowess around it. Describing it as an experience would be limiting it to something that has a beginning and an ending when, in fact, their love for what they do just is.

I think we can all love in this way. Yes, towards other people, but also with our art, our work, our spiritual interactions, our innerspace, and ourselves.

Imagine for a second loving in this way.


Silencing our inner cynic and making the choice to fill someones emptyness with this love. To remove the wiggle room to quit your passion project with this love.

This is what a love like this does. It occupies the space we naturally give ourselves to pull out, to give up, to leave something undone, to quit on someone after being letdown.

The world needs less of this space and more of that stick-figure drawing-type love. Don’t you think?

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