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Flowing With The Crescendo Of Life

You’re amazing!

Most days at least. Other days you’re amazingness gets subdued by things like performance assessments and budget meetings and picking up Pad Thai for the wife and making sure Mr. Harris doesn’t overdose on his medication and racing home after the neighbor called saying there was a fire in your backyard.

Life on Earth is a huge production. We live out so many different scenes. Each one an opportunity to spotlight the goods we have on the inside. But all too often, we allow our “performance” to be drowned-out by the scene itself. Our amazingness gets swallowed up by opposing forces.

Think about a decent movie for second.

No, not “Nacho Libre”.

Let’s try “The Sixth Sense”. Classic “think about a decent movie” example, right? One of my personal faves. Hopefully you’ve seen it. If not, please do yourself a favor and go watch it.

Anyways, “The Sixth Sense”, M. Night’s best work in my opinion, flows quite well from one sequence to another. Each scene does itself justice while perfectly merging with the subsequent scenes. The whole movie rides an underlying crescendo. You don’t realize it until the very end but there was a build up to an eventual climax that leaves the audience completely dumbfounded.

I won’t spoil it for you.

Okay, okay, Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Crazy!

Like a good shepherd, this subtle crescendo maneuvers the movie through highs and lows until finally reaching the point where some questions are answered while newer questions are raised. Where we think back to earlier scenes and go, “Oh yeah, that’s why Bruce Willis and the kids mom never seemed to interact.”

Just like “The Sixth Sense”, there’s a similar crescendo in our own lives.

Our role is to ride that crescendo. To flow with it and observe, through the good and the bad, each developing scene with assurance that we’re headed in the right direction.

Today, as you go about recognizing each scene, give yourself and others a chance to witness your amazingness. Get into your groove, don’t forget your lines, find your place on stage, and give’em the goods. I’m 100% certain you’ll leave them in awe.

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