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The Act Of Asking And Human Connection

We might not realize it, but we’re asking for something all of the time.

Every time we upload a selfie or post a political rant online, we are, in essence, asking others to view what we posted.

We’re “asking” to be hired when we fill out a job application and submit a resume.

A visit to the doctor is a subtle way of asking him to make sure everything checks out with us physically.

When we cut loose with the ego and splurge on something we know we shouldn’t splurge on but we do anyway because it will make us more appealing to the opposite sex — guess what? We’re asking to be noticed.

Even the article that you are reading right now is, in part, me asking you to view, read, assimilate, blossom with, recommend, and share so others can go through a similar process.

We can’t get very far in this four dimensional plane of existence without bonding on multiple levels with those that occupy it with us. And asking is one of the ways we do this.

It’s one of the highest displays of vulnerability which, in turn, is how we let others into our orbit of thinking, feeling, and living at the deepest level. This is how we put together the pieces of our universal puzzle.

I think, for the sake of our spiritual, social, physical, and emotional unraveling, we should allow ourselves to ask more often. To accept the fact that just because we ask someone for something doesn’t make us weak, instead it strengthens our connection with them. We become naked, free from our pride and our outdated reluctance towards “I don’t know” and “I need your help”.

So, let me ask you.

Are you ready to peel back those layers of self-reliance, tear down your defenses, and genuinely bond with those around you?

I am.

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