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Words Are Hyperlinks To The Soul

“Don’t gobblefunk around with words.” — Roald Dahl How many times have you blurted something out only to regret it .06 milliseconds after saying it? I’m pretty sure most of you. The other day, while having lunch with some friends, I let something slip out that instantaneously killed the vibe of our lunch. It was one of […]

Love Is Another Dimension

Adding dimensionality to everything we do. I have twin nine year old daughters who are absolutely in love with me. I know this because they show it. They show it whenever I get home from work by lavishing me with kisses galore and by giving me random bear hugs while lounging around the house and by […]

The Inevitable Inflection Point

When I was younger I would climb up huge oak trees, swim out to the buoys despite direct orders not to from my parents, pick fights with kids a lot bigger than me, and ask out girls that were way out of my league. Thinking back, I can’t tell you exactly why I was so […]

The Act Of Asking And Human Connection

We might not realize it, but we’re asking for something all of the time. Every time we upload a selfie or post a political rant online, we are, in essence, asking others to view what we posted. We’re “asking” to be hired when we fill out a job application and submit a resume. A visit to […]

Learning To Endure One Another: Get To Know The Backstory First

We all figured that’s just the way she was, high-strung, short-tempered, and ultra critical. And that was on a good day. She was our newest Vice President of Marketing and from day one she made it clear that things would be different moving forward. That the time for “fun and games” were over. Under her […]

Being Somewhere Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

Isolation Can Be A Magical Thing Being out here in the middle of nowhere has a way of making me feel like I’m somewhere. Not so much in the physical sense but definitely in the creative, ethereal sense. Like, I have sporadic WiFi, these images aren’t uploading, my text messages are stuck in cell service […]

Highway Reflections: Two Questions To Start The New Week

I’m spending the next 8 days tucked away in a cabin with the family in the picturesque mountain-scape of Northern Georgia/Southern Tennessee. About 45 minutes south of Chattanooga. While on the way up here today, between the customary breakfast at Cracker Barrel, an emergency stop for a vomiting nephew, and the Atlanta highway debacle, I […]

Flowing With The Crescendo Of Life

You’re amazing! Most days at least. Other days you’re amazingness gets subdued by things like performance assessments and budget meetings and picking up Pad Thai for the wife and making sure Mr. Harris doesn’t overdose on his medication and racing home after the neighbor called saying there was a fire in your backyard. Life on […]

Our Dominant Thoughts Pen Our Narrative

I know a few people who fiend for adrenaline. Their idea of a good time is seeing how close to death they can come without actually dying. Being that I don’t have the guts to take them up on their offer of joining them I sort of live vicariously through their adventure stories. One such […]

Breaking Out Into A Little Song And Dance

Up To The Highest Height! When I was a child I couldn’t wait to become an adult. I used to dream about driving and going places big people would go and doing things big people would do. But now I find myself spending most of my days clock watching, waiting to go home to peel off […]